About Help Find Alexis Say

My name is Aaron Schafer, I am Alexis Say’s uncle. I was not trying to be fancy with this site, I created it in an afternoon on February 6th to get the information out there as quickly as possible. I’ve backdated posts by date from the time she went missing so that the information is easier to digest. The main reasons I’ve created this blog are:

  • The obvious, to try and find my niece.
  • To help keep the word out there.
  • To let you know of ways that you can help find Alexis Say.
  • To keep the public informed as  Jennifer does not have a lot of the time to update people on her progress.
  • And to organize all of the information we have into one place.

I will try to update this blog daily with our progress until the day we find her and bring her back home.

Members of the News media, please read our Press Release.

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