Monday February 13th


We have decided to stop updating the blog temporarily so that we can focus our efforts towards finding Alexis.

We will however keep updating the Media Coverage page. If you’re a member of the Media, please look at our Press Release for information on getting an interview.

Here is the Official Miami-Dade Police Department Special Victims Bureau Missing Endangered Person Flyer. In addition to our own flyers, you may print and distribute this one as well. It has the Police Investigation Case # on it, which the flyers we created do not.  The date missing is incorrect on it, it’s really the 23rd, her hair is brown not black, and we are uncertain how she left the hospital, but that’s not as important as getting her face out there.

Simply “Right Click” the image below and choose the option to “Save As“. Remember where you save it, then go to the file to open and print it.

Thank you so much for helping!

Official Miami PD Special Victims Bureau Missing Persons Flyer

Miami-Dade PD – Twitter

Miam-Dade PD – Facebook

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I realize Alexis’s accounts aren’t in use/active; however, I wondered if anyone has reviewed her “friends” list on facebook for any possible people of concern? As I’ve discovered yOu can still search her page & view it. Prayers continue for answers leading to her. My heart aches for you in the meantime

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