Press Release

Alexis Say vanished from a Miami hospital on Monday, January 23rd.

Alexis Say is the granddaughter of Peggy Say. You may recall Peggy Say’s campaign in the late 1980’s to gain her brother Terry Anderson’s freedom. Terry Anderson, a journalist from the Associated Press, had been held hostage by Hezbollah in Lebanon for seven years before being freed. Like Peggy Say, Jennifer (Alexis’s mother) is waging an all-out campaign to bring her daughter home safely.

Alexis had moved to Miami back in October and found herself hanging out with the wrong crowd. Some time later she experimented with heroin. After using for a few weeks she decided to get clean. She admitted herself into rehab in December. While there she had a seizure on January 22nd and was taken to North Shore Medical Center. She borrowed another patient’s phone to call her mother to let her know that she was in the hospital. She was discharged on January 23rd and was waiting in the hospital lobby to be picked up. That was the last time she was seen.

Alexis had only the clothes on her back (black shorts and a white shirt), she had no ID, no phone and no money. And while she had access to her belongings and valuables at the place she was living and also some stored at another location, she has not returned.

Jennifer has been working with Detectives and has been in contact with the Human Trafficking Task Force to find Alexis as well as distributing flyers (with the help of numerous volunteers) across the city of Miami.

Just like Peggy Say, Jennifer is asking for the media’s help, to get the word out and have Alexis’s face on as many televisions as possible. We hope to get attention at the national level so that we can bring Alexis home safe.

Alexis also has very serious medical conditions including kidney, heart and extreme hypertension. She has been without her medication for weeks, which is why it’s imperative that we find her quickly.

Jennifer is currently in Miami searching for Alexis, but is available for interviews for more details. She can do interviews in person in Miami (outside of Miami via Skype, Facebook Video Chat, or via the hotline telephone number listed at the top of this page). Members of the News media may call the hotline number to setup an interview.

Photos for use by the Media can be found here.

Alexis’s stats are included in the image at the top of this blog.

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