Ways that YOU Can Help Find Alexis


Help us get Alexis’s Face on the Local Miami Media

NOT IN MIAMI? You Can Get the Word out:

Help with the Expenses of the Out of State Search

  • DONATE VIA GOFUNDME -This was created by my daughter Christine Schafer. This is what allows Jennifer to stay down in Miami and keep searching, it will also be used to cover the cost of the Reward for information that leads to finding Alexis.  No Donation is too small.

If you’re in Miami

You can do all of the things people outside of Miami are doing.

You can also Download and Print Flyers to put up wherever you can:

  • At Work or In an Employee Break Room
  • Homeless Shelters & Soup Kitchens
  • Hospitals, Detox Facilities, Rehabs
  • Laundromats
  • Telephone Poles at Busy Intersections
  • Hand Them Out (in places where there is a lot of Foot Traffic.. etc..)
  • Anywhere else you can think of.

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